Seatbelt Safety

Seatbelt Safety Checklist for Taxi and Shuttle Use for International Travelers

Wearing a seatbelt is the most important safety measure you can take to protect yourself. The information below can provide assistance when using taxis or shuttles in countries with significant road safety risks.

General Seatbelt Safety
Keep your seat belt fastened at all times.  It may save your life
Always use company approved transportation suppliers, when available. Be aware of shuttle, bus or taxi company reputation.
Inspect seatbelts. Ensure they are not twisted, cut or frayed
Check that seatbelt buckles are in good working order, engaging and releasing properly
Check seatbelt retractors work properly. The seat belt should pull out smoothly and be fully retracted when not in use

Using Ground Transportation Companies (Taxis, Shuttles, Buses)
Try and use pre-arranged transportation with a reputable company. Often times this service can be arranged for you via your hotel or PPG host.
If possible, use a hired car service recommended by the local PPG host rather than a public taxi.
It is better to sit in the rear seat. The front seat should be used only when the rear seat is not equipped with seat belts or when the rear seats are used by other passengers
Before traveling, ask the local PPG employees at the destination to suggest the safest transport companies
Only use marked transportation, never use unidentified cabs or buses.
Let the taxi driver know that you are not in a hurry.
Ask the driver to slow down, if you observe speeding or aggressive driving.
Use taxis that are appropriately licensed. 
If you don't speak the local language, print your destination address in the local language to hand to the driver. 
Know the general direction and travel time to your destination.
Avoid travel late at night or before dawn when drivers may be most fatigued.