Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety Checklist for Leaders

Instructions: Use the checklist below as a "helper sheet" and guide for assessing the effectiveness of a site's forklift or powered industrial truck safety program. The items listed below can be used as discussion and reference points:

Do operators complete a pre-operational check of the PIT before use?
Does the site have procedures for PIT operations?
Demonstration of “Eyes On Path” of travel for both pedestrians and PIT operators?
Does the site have Halo Zone 100% implemented? (Evidence of signage, posters, notifications, scanning surroundings, not distracted/reading hand held materials, traveling in reverse if load blocks forward view, operators yield to pedestrians.)
Do drivers and pedestrians demonstrate eye contact/gestures when approaching the Halo Zone?
Are PITs operated at safe speeds? (Note if speed is governed.)
Do PIT operators wear seat belts and/or other safety restraints while operating equipment? (If so equipped.)
Does the site have a plan to reduce PIT use and/or separate PIT use from pedestrians?
Are the facility aisle ways free of congestion and obstructions for PIT travel and vision?
Are working surfaces where a PIT operates in good repair?
Are the PITs observed in good working order/operation? (i.e., observable damage, fluid trails, lights, reverse alarm/horn, etc.)
Is a checklist or visual work instruction used for dock loading/unloading?
Are operators observed driving in a safe manner (i.e., obeying posted traffic signs, adherence to Halo Zone, at a complete stop when raising/lowering forks, looking in the path of travel)?
Optional Interview Question – Can you describe how you were trained and do you recall the last time you completed a forklift evaluation?